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“Working in the restaurant industry, I sometimes like to meet friends after my shift ends at night.  Regretfully, one night, I was pulled over after meeting up with my friends.  I did not think I was impaired, so I took the breath test.  The test said I was over the legal limit, and I was arrested for DUI.   I wanted to fight it, but most attorneys that I talked to said there was not much they could do since I blew over the legal limit.  Mike Burton took the time to investigate all aspects of the case and resolve it so that I wasn’t convicted of DUI or have to go to jail.  I am very happy with the results and with the way I was treated.  I wasn’t treated like a criminal, just someone that might have made a mistake and needed help.” - Brittany


“My daughter suffers from drug addiction, and in the past she has been in and out of jail on a constant basis.  I was at wit’s end because I had never had to deal with anything like that.  Michael gave my daughter not only legal advice, but the tough love and support that she needed.  He was more than her lawyer, he was the non-sugar coated truth that she so desperately needed to hear.  Without his help, I would have lost my daughter to drugs and the street.” - Stephanie


“I was arrested for DUI.  I knew about Michael Burton because he had helped out my brother and other friends in the past.  I have a job in city government, and a DUI conviction would have been very bad for my career.  Mr. Burton really fought on the case, and he was able to get the DUI case dismissed and I didn’t lose my license.  I would refer Michael Burton to anyone with a pending criminal case in Memphis or Shelby County.” – David


“I have been involved with the legal community in Memphis for over 20 years.  During that time, I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know a great deal of outstanding attorneys.  Mike Burton has stood out among his peers.  Whenever I am asked for a recommendation or a referral, his is the name that I always give.  The feedback that I have received from my family and friends has always been extremely positive.  I know that results can’t be guaranteed.  However, hard work, perseverance, and a great legal mind can always be guaranteed when being represented by Mike.  I always tell my friends to sit back, relax and let Mike handle the case.  He has never disappointed.” – Doni


“A few years ago, my daughter made a very bad decision – one that would teach her a lesson.  But during that lesson learning, we needed a guide to help us through the process.  Finding ourselves at 201 Poplar was a jolt, and it was very scary.  When you are in unfamiliar lands, you want a guide who knows the process and the way out.  Michael Burton was the perfect guide.  He took care of us, and he helped make the best legal decision for the situation possible.  He was knowledgeable, a great communicator, and he knew his way around the 201 landscape.  I am convinced that he was the best choice for us, and I highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.” - Elizabeth


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